Monday, December 19, 2005

To be found

Summer's gone and it's cold outside
Winter's long and it's cold inside too
I can't see the sun and I can't remember warm
been a long time in the shade

My heart broken with a crushing wound
inflicted by my own heel
brought about by instability, imbalance, insecurity
self-doubt and no power to control

The gray clouds hang on my soul
I am shivering with the cold
the anxiety swells within me as I wonder
if I am alone

From this pit I cry wounded and in pain
alone in my soul I am in despair
I cry out to who I know not
faithless I want to be spared

I know not what I know not
I can't seek with blind eyes
I feel the cold of loneliness around me
Lost. I want to be found


Monday, November 07, 2005

That Girl of Mine

where is she gone
that girl of mine
has she lost her way?
what is she thinking
that child of mine
thinking or not today?
I see her eyes
that girl of mine
longing for her way.
what will the world give
that child of mine
not holding at bay?

she turned away
that girl of mine
searching for her path.
pressed my lips
that child of mine
defying a father's wrath.
made her mind
that girl of mine
she not I that hath,
the drive to free
that child of mine
in earths mire a bath.

evil does swirl
that girl of mine
lonely and naive.
open arms
that child of mine
embraces the demon seed.
what to behold
that girl of mine
and what to concede?
fathers bruised soul
that child of mine
broken rules to heed.