Tuesday, December 12, 2006

face the fate

i search my soul
a journey low
for purity
to bestow
a sage for peace
quite rest
for burden's lease
i delve in inner
i seek composite
to linger on
with attitude
i stand before
myself in fear
of nakedness
i long for grace
to share anew
a gentle touch
a healing dew
the world she moans
in burdened song
the battles long
bitter wrongs
mankind has sung
a mournful dirge
to calm the storm
of deadly surge
the hate it seals
the fateful doom
a viper's sting
in deadly gloom
a cry for peace
on deaf ear lies
baneful noise
solemn cries
cry we must
before we die
inside our souls
justice lies
reach for truth
inside of me
fear not the wrath
never flee
poisoned man
in hatred scorns
the innate peace
each heart adorns
i pray for right
empowered sight
so all can see
a new found way
in peace abides
the human race
in love survives
i long for how
i might repress
enigma's war
on righteousness
my heart does bleed
for mankind's ill
of hatred's fateful
merciless kill
live in peace
at one with all
make no excuse
for the warring call
absolve the hate
that feeds our fear
and alienates
what is not clear
i cannot rest
apart from those
who share the vest
of human clothes
we taste the sweet
and bitter life
that is our lot
in common strife
both you and i
we and they
alike we stand
before the grave
we face the fate
we share the same
at last we pine
shorn of fame
at peace we lie
at last at rest
the hateful vows
all in jest
we share the earth
now and then
at peace and rest
soon in the end
wisdom cries
and longs to share
beauty in word
and deeds declared
her glory it shines
in dignified clay
creation's bright hope
sanctified way
together we walk
varied in path
choosing our way
in peace or in wrath
no matter the road
we share our need
we cannot pass
life we must lead
i long for peace
no wars no greed
standing as one
united and free


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

as a child

words of truth are plain
vision unrestrained
the mind of the child is sane

spoken thoughts relate
simplicity is innate
unsocialized rebate

innocence shines through
acknowledging the view
of the unpretentious few

no feelings to disdain
retrospect in vain
righteousness remains

secret thoughts abide
in the heart and pride
hidden deep inside

we struggle to be free
as a child we long to be
unjudged vehemently

erodes the honesty

hold the tongue in fear
of failing to appear
amicably austere

denying open care
relationship unshared
kinship left unbared

give as to a child
requite humble and mild
mete in peace unriled

live in childlike ware
pretensions undeclared
every soul made bare


Monday, November 27, 2006

a day of rest

i long to see a day of rest before
the curtain falls abreast the stallion’s mane
swaying long in graceful spray along
the soldier’s marked and hated strained disdain

we murder those who in constitution forged
diversity outside the accepted norm
in freedom’s name we crush the human score
conform in death if not in hatred’s swarm

the champion of freedom mounts his steed
to conquer all impeding corporate sway
smite the prey too blind to understand
the wisdom found in wealth’s pursuing way

with philanthropy we paint a formal guise
to mask the stench of capitalistic pride
no longer drawing the breath of freedoms mirth
the enslaving machine takes us for a ride

well-beaten paths are marred by cloven hoof
the devil’s minions spread their greedy seed
a generation spawned in opulent crime
ethics slide to situation’s need

for those who fail to comprehend and seek
to be what god bestowed their souls to be
we weigh upon the scale of pleasure lost
and strike the gods as sacred casualties

the warring dollar feeds on blood alone
scared of no ones market yet unsold
funding death in guise of greater good
rhetorical blather truth as yet untold

we stroke our brows confused by all who seem
to hate our simple peaceful godly lives
and why they strike at what they want to share
the peace and joy of all that we contrive

the blind man sees with darkened soul and yet
prevails in truth that hides in brilliant light
unseen by eyes that squander precious gifts
and take unto themselves what’s not their right

as conquering kings we stride upon their land
and crush the necks of all who fend their crest
we most possess the will and might to win
in spite of freedoms prayer to not oppress

we’re led by pawns at rich men’s beckon call
empowered by the population’s severed head
prey on hopes and dreams of working men
who trust in history to work in their stead

we sent you forth to secure a sacred trust
inviolate our virgin faith untouched
you raped the solemn oath your voice had sworn
and reaped a corporate harvest sins unblushed

the grand experiment lies wounded now
scorned and shamed by an awful heavy hand
the world turned cold by pompous raw conceit
away from god's once blessed promised land

turned from us the world seeks unity
her champion the still elusive peace
diversity of souls entwined in life
a partnership in common earthly lease

so end the wars we perpetrate upon
the worldly brew that stews in haste
to find the cause for their demise inside
the confines of our sin and wanton waste

let us create a place where stallions run
in peace and solitude where all can pray
and put away the implements of war
i long to see rest restored in that day


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

hate in the name of the god of love

a small extent is our commorancy
a global epoch joined by consonant sin
assuaged and lynched by ills of deceitful quag
a lewd melange consumed in bosomed mirth
the salve for festering wounds of common fear
the looming spectre of mortality

camaraderie reborn in dread commons
a living share of fabled faith's millstones
fellowship in chastened polity
forbidden thoughts of creativity
suppressed by the blind man's guilt and finality
scorned by the mass of genial confederacy

all common souls cry out in fealty
each disparate entity seeks unity
strike the intemperate antagonistic foe
heathens of independent thought revoked
daring to question the gods of sovereign truth
they always hate in the name of the god of love

bound together by fetters of flesh and bone
the spite foments the clans dilatory demise
bitter blood thickens the caustic brew
we hate for the sake of utter continuity
we sever the arteries of humanity
thus suicide in the name of longevity

looming mystery is all that prevails
the generations pass from soil to soil
history ever widens her mortified tale
forever veiled the contentious chalice pales
beyond the grasp of reason and pondering
shrouded in the depths of eden's grave


Thursday, November 16, 2006

truth manifest

all subject to interpretation;
or are there absolutes?
and if there are absolutes
can they be truth?

your way or my way
their way or the highway
i only know that i don't know
the way only the pursuit

flatulent dogmatism clouds
a fog of petulant vade mecum
veiling through virile remonstration
the sojourners longing view

thought is left to deconstruction
objective logic perilously exposed
subjectivity is the nature of faith
constitution of the unspoken rue

broken down component parts
smaller the atoms' nuclei implodes
truth manifest in the beating heart
innate genetic chain given clue

soul of man in it's minute part
finds truth and absolute hope
unknown knowing truth is found
god speaks.... "i am"


Thursday, November 09, 2006

a lament

a whisper in time is all that's given
a gentle ripple in the wind blown sand
fallacious foundation, solidity riven
shifting breeze across the strand
a near silent expression of all things living
the passing time leaves death at hand
calling all, the melancholy bidding
wait not to make thy stand
for each has once then all is hidden
beneath the trodden wayfaring land


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


'tis not to be known
in the depths of the soul
where another man's enigma resides
hiding in malignant travesty
armored in the minds keep
guarded by fear and insecurity

delving and prodding
lovingly evolving a relationship
springing to life in revelation's elation
bared and exposed showing the known
safety in experienced throes
burdened with burning truth

convalescent brooding deep in the mind
of each sinner's sinister sine
parallel worlds aligning blindly
inching t'ward colliding realities
praying for unspoken commonalities
to bolster the dungeon's gates

longing for the confessional's balm
freedom from secrecy's false calm
stifled by the repugnant humiliation
tell the tale is the heart's grisly swell
absolution from the crushing weight
the millstone of silence' gate

deep in the soul is truth's all
the piercing awl of humanity's call
shared by all the confessional's trawl
digging deeply with cleansing scrawl
the bludgeoning curse of nature's law
laying the stones of guilt's appall

but cursed and foolish are they
who fail to pray and prey on illusions way
seeing not their own mottled clay
modeled by day to keep at bay
another's curiosity in willful sway
exposing the truth delayed

outed now by forceful skirmish
the feared day of another man's soul
laid open the veins of vulnerability
exposed to the blade of despair
cast not the first stone crafty sinner
Cain's lot is a wretched snare

know not but only the knowing
that enigma lies within us all
man's burden is a hidden weight
known but to the singular soul
trust only the truth in knowing
each man's commonality is the fall


Monday, October 30, 2006

a dirge

she stands in the prairie an edifice of reality
empty and shorn of her glory
a symbolic gesture of the soul sequestered
bygone relevance of the storied

now silent to her history lost in modernity
sands of time bemoan in effigy
a signpost proclaims the new world's disdain
unchecked cloying entropy

like an elder recluse ignored by pertinent youth
devalued and shorn of machination
her beauty now questioned by bountiful obsession
with self-reliant actualization

she stands now solemn a shrine for the fallen
lonely and absently devolved
devoid of purpose sacrificed on the alter of avarice
primordial resolution absolved


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

god waits

living a marketing nightmare,
god in his underwear
clutching a hyundai's bumper
bared and shamed,
re-crucified and re-slain
grimy displayed blunder

trampling grace in guileless expose'
revealing fraud behind the curtain
scarecrows and tin-men parading bobble-head jesus
christ on whole wheat,
messiah's only skin deep
comedic rhetoric flows

prince of peace reduced,
six digits on a license plate
faith in cuteness,
meaningless shit
emptiness or worse,
poisonous death

bear witness to barrenness,
plasticine saviour
molded by powerless hands
grasping at absolutes
in history's well,
full of the corpses of theologians

fundamentalist conservatism's unyielded demise
liberalism's meaningless disguise
standing on violence or standing on nothing
arguing for unknowable truth
trying to make faith into factual base
a recipe for righteousness

lost in the heart of every breath
god weeps in the soul of creation
we see with blinded eyes
knowing life and death evokes
the science of unknown

my god your god your rule mine
bible torah koran
my truth your truth no truth in line
nothing but turmoil at hand
shaken to the core of our being
god waits


Monday, September 11, 2006

rhyme for nine eleven

nine eleven
terrorists heaven
violence leavens
human division

america's vanity
gross prosperity
blind depravity
burning malignancy

islam wriggles
cultural struggles
social muddles
hatred befuddles

allies jockey
relations rocky
leaders cocky
D.C. knocking

armies vying
innocents dying
corpses lying
mothers crying

orphans weeping
flags waving
souls praying
peace escaping

hope is fragile
love is tactile
peace is mobile
war is juvenile

grow humanity
mature commonality
ply charity
embrace diversity


Friday, September 08, 2006


i lumber along trying to be strong
or maybe i don't really care
about whatever happens
or whoever calls
or nothing at all

i act like i know all that i need
never seeking company
i don't need you
i'm all alone
on purpose

my eyes follow the child
with sad gazes and regret
i marvel at the insipidness
like i did better

i fool myself with alacrity
portending anxious readiness
exuding self-esteem
but burning inside
in fear

unable to release failures claws
suffocating in bitter stew
forcing my dreams and desires
on an unaccepting few

they wriggle and writhe under duress
of my weight and pressing
undressing their freedom
baring their flesh and soul

carressing in parental tenderness
yet lambasting guilt and stress
obsessive compulsive
passive aggressive

i pass along this generational ill
aware but incapable of recovery
praying for the miracle
fresh child birth
defect free

i see the maternal gaze burdening my soul
weighing on me like death
pressing for her perfection
or pretense of such

i secretly long to escape in the breeze
never to face or to bereave
knowing it won't be
ever to be free
a son's love

i fight the genetic brood that tempts my soul
i deny that it courses my veins
but i spew the vile poison
the liquor of malfeasance
in posterity

suffer in silence longing for peace
free my children from this dearth
quell the lineage curse for eternity
overcome the obscenity
free my progeny



a child's eternity abates to an elders breath
the ticking clock adjourns it's labor for no rest
the grand journey begets a growing past
a future littered with foreshadowed death

waste not the precious passing time's reign
garnish the moments plate with attentive mirth
embrace each passage as opportunities birth
leave not a morsel vanquished or unclaimed

the journey's end slinks nearer by the hour
bereaving youth of her tenuous pretense
shirking the desires of eternity's recompense
finality grasps mortality to devour

leave not a stone unturned in sorrow
rejoice in each gift bequeathed by the day
persist in strength with each clarion ray
accept consequence without wanting for the morrow



might makes right?
religious right!


Thursday, September 07, 2006


gone, gone are the days of hunger
of passion and raw lovers' care.

gone are the nights of exploration and wonder
of delight in the night bedroom air.

gone, gone are the glimpses of ardor
of sheer emotion in my lovers stare.

gone are the dreams of ecstasy and plunder
of physical pleasure in my lovers dare.

gone, gone are the quickened heartbeats candor
of romantic embrace in my lovers lair.

gone are the rushes of adreneline and power
of sensual lust in my lovers flair.



you wanted me once
when you were young and free
you longed for me then
when all was right

you touched me once
when you were curious and naive
you burned inside
when all was new

you surrendered to me once
when you were willful and sure
you dreamed about life
when all was unknown

you loved me once
when you believed in me
you worshiped me then
when all was clean

you trusted me once
when you were helpless and in need
you sang my praises
when all was serene

you admired me once
when your expectations were met
you rested in my arms
when all was at peace

you inspired me once
when you could see my potential
you encouraged my best
when all was in sight


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

self deceived

like a stop-sign with bullet holes, i protest
a silent reminder, misspent anger
wasted energy, shrouded revelry
look at me, suffer the angst i detest

silent and stalwart, unashamed and revealed
commanding attention, demanding acquiescence
shocked by defiance, bullet-hole killed
hear me, my missive, still

shorn of reason, piqued by malignant inanity
prattle of dumb fools, deafened by absurdity
bitter pride, genetic camaraderie
ignore me, reticent calamity

wearing the pain, honor or shame sequestered
silently shouting, stopperred and muted
held at bay, baying at will
loathe me, silent jester

eschewing pacific, brewing the bitter melange
boiling over, spewing poison
deserved retribution, collateral damage
fear me, rent menage

standing alone on the corner aggrieved
protecting the picket, the malefactor's demise
disfigured honor, a scarlet shame
pity me, self-deceived


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a corporate song

build the cocoon
build the cocoon



build the cocoon
build the cocoon




what do you mean i can fly?


fortuitous grace

Dedicated to Sox the cat

peaceful retreat
arrested complete
portent usurping

submission ensues
as shock subdues
the pounding heart

life yet flows
mind still knows
eyes of the soul

flail not
struggle wrought
death's deluge

murderous claws
act without pause
no remorse or shame

callous aggression
pouncing intrusion
a deadly embracing

helpless wanting
life jaunting
escape withholding

swift embrace
utterly no faith
salvation's breach
fortuitous grace

afflicted antagonist
freed to find rest
a last chance
at best

embrace the reigns
cast loose the chains
salvage the heart

be free to arrive
live and not die
imbibe the reproof
be wise


Monday, July 31, 2006

no hope

In Memorium:
Samuel Dwight Smith
b: 02/1972 - d: 07/2005

what is left
when the end is near?
empty hope
a dull stare

fight is done
when the breath is gone
thought subsides
calm death

waters cool
when the will lets go
distant dream
shadow grows

light fades
when the ember cools
gone the days
peace invades

quiet now
when the hope is gone
nothing more
to do


Thursday, February 23, 2006


a dandelion grows in the sidewalk
suckling the deposits of life
knowing not the crushing step
of the boot that passes by

from deaths sudden press
it scatters its seed
plying for fertile loam
it refuses to die replete

cast off truth is truth no less
though cursed by ignorance
misguided youth on her own way
yet only truth frees