Sunday, February 08, 2015

i stand before the mighty sea

i stand before the mighty sea
seeing it’s power rolling towards me
no barrier, no break it’s might to impede
as it rolls unimpeded towards me

the waves, the rage, the torrent the swell
others, lithe and nimble slither to sell
servitude for another days freedom from jail
suppressing the power in a careless quell

the sea is conscience free, willing to consume
and consuming at will.  Each morning you find
a clean and groomed beach and no sorrow no mourn
it’s power has done it’s job with no remorse

nothing survived except for the deepened prints
of two feet that weathered the storm, sunken a little
deeper through the shifting sand that draws and
sucks down the one who wants to just stand still

the happy place, the beach, comes alive each day
it brings the birds, the gulls, the cool fresh water
to cleanse your throat, the voices of lovers and children
to lift the mind and bring a smile… to make you feel better

but everyday I stand before the mighty sea
watching it’s power roll over me
no barrier, no break that can impede its might
as it rolls unencumbered over me

the joy of those around me place a millstone
around my neck, and laughter adds a chain and lock
i sink deeper into the joy filled sand and feel the
cold sea of death engulf me more and more

people don’t notice much anymore, nor do I
buried to my waste in hopelessness and remorse
i have begun digging the hole myself
i won’t be long now until the mighty sea… feeds

Friday, February 06, 2015

this my friend is depression

what it is
or what it’s not
either way
the communication
rots… on the vine

everyone knows
it’s a universal
we all share
neatly… bound in twine

i had a bad day
oh, i just need some wine
this damned depression
i’ll be fine
come… morning time

the morning dawns
wine’s memory lingers
a cup of joe
gets me on my way
a new day… depression free

there is a side
the mold is cracked
the unexplainable
pain… takes up residence

no wine, nor beer
nor bleeding, pleading spouse
can fill the mold with
normalcy… only more
self loathing… and grief

this my friend is depression
sinking into your own
lost in sorrow
about… what you don’t know

eternal unrelenting despair
sadness beyond repair
pain and suffering
you cannot explain
death… the only resolve

overwhelmed by
sorrow and remorse
you seek the loved one’s help
the doctors soothing tones
leaving you with loneliness

you look at those
around your day
you hear their complaints
and difficulties
and long… for their lives

you sleep that sweet
drug induced slumber
for the morning’s reprieve
only to be greeted with torment

yes, some of us get sad
and frustrated
some of us… depressed
and long for an end
to it all

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

only one wins

Celebrate life
Eschew death
Embrace strife
Conflate wrath
Balance sought
Only one wins
Terror fraught
Punish for sins
Darkness engulfs
Hope is betrayed
Darkness covers
Hope to rest is laid

no preperation

From blinded eyes
The beast is sensed
Lurking, waiting for
The unprovoked attack
Their is no preparation
Only the parlance
And the cover from
The unknown blow
Fear and terror
That cannot be

how long

Closing in from many sides. It's always darkest before the dawn, but how long is the darkness? Closing in from many sides. It's always darkest before the dawn but how long is the darkness

volley of war

lessons come fast,
hardcore and forcefully.

Hopefully just a show of resolve
and not a volley of war