Monday, November 27, 2006

a day of rest

i long to see a day of rest before
the curtain falls abreast the stallion’s mane
swaying long in graceful spray along
the soldier’s marked and hated strained disdain

we murder those who in constitution forged
diversity outside the accepted norm
in freedom’s name we crush the human score
conform in death if not in hatred’s swarm

the champion of freedom mounts his steed
to conquer all impeding corporate sway
smite the prey too blind to understand
the wisdom found in wealth’s pursuing way

with philanthropy we paint a formal guise
to mask the stench of capitalistic pride
no longer drawing the breath of freedoms mirth
the enslaving machine takes us for a ride

well-beaten paths are marred by cloven hoof
the devil’s minions spread their greedy seed
a generation spawned in opulent crime
ethics slide to situation’s need

for those who fail to comprehend and seek
to be what god bestowed their souls to be
we weigh upon the scale of pleasure lost
and strike the gods as sacred casualties

the warring dollar feeds on blood alone
scared of no ones market yet unsold
funding death in guise of greater good
rhetorical blather truth as yet untold

we stroke our brows confused by all who seem
to hate our simple peaceful godly lives
and why they strike at what they want to share
the peace and joy of all that we contrive

the blind man sees with darkened soul and yet
prevails in truth that hides in brilliant light
unseen by eyes that squander precious gifts
and take unto themselves what’s not their right

as conquering kings we stride upon their land
and crush the necks of all who fend their crest
we most possess the will and might to win
in spite of freedoms prayer to not oppress

we’re led by pawns at rich men’s beckon call
empowered by the population’s severed head
prey on hopes and dreams of working men
who trust in history to work in their stead

we sent you forth to secure a sacred trust
inviolate our virgin faith untouched
you raped the solemn oath your voice had sworn
and reaped a corporate harvest sins unblushed

the grand experiment lies wounded now
scorned and shamed by an awful heavy hand
the world turned cold by pompous raw conceit
away from god's once blessed promised land

turned from us the world seeks unity
her champion the still elusive peace
diversity of souls entwined in life
a partnership in common earthly lease

so end the wars we perpetrate upon
the worldly brew that stews in haste
to find the cause for their demise inside
the confines of our sin and wanton waste

let us create a place where stallions run
in peace and solitude where all can pray
and put away the implements of war
i long to see rest restored in that day


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

hate in the name of the god of love

a small extent is our commorancy
a global epoch joined by consonant sin
assuaged and lynched by ills of deceitful quag
a lewd melange consumed in bosomed mirth
the salve for festering wounds of common fear
the looming spectre of mortality

camaraderie reborn in dread commons
a living share of fabled faith's millstones
fellowship in chastened polity
forbidden thoughts of creativity
suppressed by the blind man's guilt and finality
scorned by the mass of genial confederacy

all common souls cry out in fealty
each disparate entity seeks unity
strike the intemperate antagonistic foe
heathens of independent thought revoked
daring to question the gods of sovereign truth
they always hate in the name of the god of love

bound together by fetters of flesh and bone
the spite foments the clans dilatory demise
bitter blood thickens the caustic brew
we hate for the sake of utter continuity
we sever the arteries of humanity
thus suicide in the name of longevity

looming mystery is all that prevails
the generations pass from soil to soil
history ever widens her mortified tale
forever veiled the contentious chalice pales
beyond the grasp of reason and pondering
shrouded in the depths of eden's grave


Thursday, November 16, 2006

truth manifest

all subject to interpretation;
or are there absolutes?
and if there are absolutes
can they be truth?

your way or my way
their way or the highway
i only know that i don't know
the way only the pursuit

flatulent dogmatism clouds
a fog of petulant vade mecum
veiling through virile remonstration
the sojourners longing view

thought is left to deconstruction
objective logic perilously exposed
subjectivity is the nature of faith
constitution of the unspoken rue

broken down component parts
smaller the atoms' nuclei implodes
truth manifest in the beating heart
innate genetic chain given clue

soul of man in it's minute part
finds truth and absolute hope
unknown knowing truth is found
god speaks.... "i am"


Thursday, November 09, 2006

a lament

a whisper in time is all that's given
a gentle ripple in the wind blown sand
fallacious foundation, solidity riven
shifting breeze across the strand
a near silent expression of all things living
the passing time leaves death at hand
calling all, the melancholy bidding
wait not to make thy stand
for each has once then all is hidden
beneath the trodden wayfaring land


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


'tis not to be known
in the depths of the soul
where another man's enigma resides
hiding in malignant travesty
armored in the minds keep
guarded by fear and insecurity

delving and prodding
lovingly evolving a relationship
springing to life in revelation's elation
bared and exposed showing the known
safety in experienced throes
burdened with burning truth

convalescent brooding deep in the mind
of each sinner's sinister sine
parallel worlds aligning blindly
inching t'ward colliding realities
praying for unspoken commonalities
to bolster the dungeon's gates

longing for the confessional's balm
freedom from secrecy's false calm
stifled by the repugnant humiliation
tell the tale is the heart's grisly swell
absolution from the crushing weight
the millstone of silence' gate

deep in the soul is truth's all
the piercing awl of humanity's call
shared by all the confessional's trawl
digging deeply with cleansing scrawl
the bludgeoning curse of nature's law
laying the stones of guilt's appall

but cursed and foolish are they
who fail to pray and prey on illusions way
seeing not their own mottled clay
modeled by day to keep at bay
another's curiosity in willful sway
exposing the truth delayed

outed now by forceful skirmish
the feared day of another man's soul
laid open the veins of vulnerability
exposed to the blade of despair
cast not the first stone crafty sinner
Cain's lot is a wretched snare

know not but only the knowing
that enigma lies within us all
man's burden is a hidden weight
known but to the singular soul
trust only the truth in knowing
each man's commonality is the fall