Tuesday, October 24, 2006

god waits

living a marketing nightmare,
god in his underwear
clutching a hyundai's bumper
bared and shamed,
re-crucified and re-slain
grimy displayed blunder

trampling grace in guileless expose'
revealing fraud behind the curtain
scarecrows and tin-men parading bobble-head jesus
christ on whole wheat,
messiah's only skin deep
comedic rhetoric flows

prince of peace reduced,
six digits on a license plate
faith in cuteness,
meaningless shit
emptiness or worse,
poisonous death

bear witness to barrenness,
plasticine saviour
molded by powerless hands
grasping at absolutes
in history's well,
full of the corpses of theologians

fundamentalist conservatism's unyielded demise
liberalism's meaningless disguise
standing on violence or standing on nothing
arguing for unknowable truth
trying to make faith into factual base
a recipe for righteousness

lost in the heart of every breath
god weeps in the soul of creation
we see with blinded eyes
knowing life and death evokes
the science of unknown

my god your god your rule mine
bible torah koran
my truth your truth no truth in line
nothing but turmoil at hand
shaken to the core of our being
god waits


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