Wednesday, February 27, 2008

strength of the one

since when did freedom
get defined by cash?
how did my value
lose stature and crash?

how did my life
get stacked against money?
how did my liberty
lose out to financial cunning?

when did the corporation
take precedent over me?
how did group-think
overtake individuality?

when did "pursuit of happiness"
get defined as riches?
when did my dignity
lose out to sons of bitches?

when did art fall prey
to salability?
when did popular appeal
start to define credibility?

when did human value
become divyed in classes?
why should the strength of the one
be subservient to the masses?



ozymandiaz said...

there is an illusion propageted by purveyers of wealth
it is the illusion of control
which is often translated into freedom
this is but a guilded cage.
there is no such thing as freedom
we are all slave to something
hunger, thirst, desire, need
functions you may say
but every funciton is a master
we may choose to deny these masters to which we will find the only true freedom we will likely ever know... in death
somewhere along the line, though, beit through necesity or logical progression of social interactions and trade, our species decided to transition from actual bartering to representative bartering, and began puting more value in so called precious materials, gold and diamonds and such, than into the work of hands.
in hinde sight, not such a good idea.

Ali said...

Oz is so insightful. I just wanted to say I love this one --especially the title. I'm glad you like me playing clever :-) Note I said PLAYING! Hope you are well, G. Ali