Sunday, August 18, 2013

for kimberleigh

to say I love you just doesn’t seem enough
to outlive and overcome the crazy stuff
happening all around us these days

i know that we have it all within us
to look at the face of the challenge, just
finding the courage may be the key

you love me too, I know for sure
loving lately has been hard to endure
seems more painful than anything else

we’re not doing a very good job
of communicating in ways that doesn’t rob
us of the true message we are seeking to give

i hear your frustration and I see your tears
i feel your anger built up across years
of a simple and gentle life that we have loved

a life that we built together and yet
we have watched it crumble while we forget
the foundation of stone it sits upon

our own worst enemies we have become
fighting and sabotage looking to some
like two who no longer want to care

our words, once tender, romantic and sweet
have eroded to become a horror complete
with questions of whether we still love at all

maybe we have simply taken for granted
one another’s love so deeply planted
that we forgot to feed and nurture the roots

but we are still alive though maybe stagnant
looking for the love that once ran rampant
through everyday of our previous years together

we must hold on to what we share
too much time has passed not to care
or to stand silent and watch it fade away

our love has taken a tumble
shaken to the core we both have stumbled
but standing, still we are one

reach deep down inside and there
we will find that we really do care
and as always we will love again

i don’t have the answers for most
of the questions that we propose
but I have the desire to find them with you

i love you deeply with a now broken heart
wanting nothing more than a brand new start
a chance to heal and mend and be whole

a new life together we are walking towards
a time we have dreamt of as we poured
our lives out together in love

the time has come for a new embrace
to look upon each other and to face
the challenge of a new day together

i love you Kimberleigh, that’s all I can say
you are everything to me, and today
there is nothing I want but you

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