Wednesday, September 06, 2006

self deceived

like a stop-sign with bullet holes, i protest
a silent reminder, misspent anger
wasted energy, shrouded revelry
look at me, suffer the angst i detest

silent and stalwart, unashamed and revealed
commanding attention, demanding acquiescence
shocked by defiance, bullet-hole killed
hear me, my missive, still

shorn of reason, piqued by malignant inanity
prattle of dumb fools, deafened by absurdity
bitter pride, genetic camaraderie
ignore me, reticent calamity

wearing the pain, honor or shame sequestered
silently shouting, stopperred and muted
held at bay, baying at will
loathe me, silent jester

eschewing pacific, brewing the bitter melange
boiling over, spewing poison
deserved retribution, collateral damage
fear me, rent menage

standing alone on the corner aggrieved
protecting the picket, the malefactor's demise
disfigured honor, a scarlet shame
pity me, self-deceived


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