Tuesday, November 07, 2006


'tis not to be known
in the depths of the soul
where another man's enigma resides
hiding in malignant travesty
armored in the minds keep
guarded by fear and insecurity

delving and prodding
lovingly evolving a relationship
springing to life in revelation's elation
bared and exposed showing the known
safety in experienced throes
burdened with burning truth

convalescent brooding deep in the mind
of each sinner's sinister sine
parallel worlds aligning blindly
inching t'ward colliding realities
praying for unspoken commonalities
to bolster the dungeon's gates

longing for the confessional's balm
freedom from secrecy's false calm
stifled by the repugnant humiliation
tell the tale is the heart's grisly swell
absolution from the crushing weight
the millstone of silence' gate

deep in the soul is truth's all
the piercing awl of humanity's call
shared by all the confessional's trawl
digging deeply with cleansing scrawl
the bludgeoning curse of nature's law
laying the stones of guilt's appall

but cursed and foolish are they
who fail to pray and prey on illusions way
seeing not their own mottled clay
modeled by day to keep at bay
another's curiosity in willful sway
exposing the truth delayed

outed now by forceful skirmish
the feared day of another man's soul
laid open the veins of vulnerability
exposed to the blade of despair
cast not the first stone crafty sinner
Cain's lot is a wretched snare

know not but only the knowing
that enigma lies within us all
man's burden is a hidden weight
known but to the singular soul
trust only the truth in knowing
each man's commonality is the fall


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