Tuesday, November 21, 2006

hate in the name of the god of love

a small extent is our commorancy
a global epoch joined by consonant sin
assuaged and lynched by ills of deceitful quag
a lewd melange consumed in bosomed mirth
the salve for festering wounds of common fear
the looming spectre of mortality

camaraderie reborn in dread commons
a living share of fabled faith's millstones
fellowship in chastened polity
forbidden thoughts of creativity
suppressed by the blind man's guilt and finality
scorned by the mass of genial confederacy

all common souls cry out in fealty
each disparate entity seeks unity
strike the intemperate antagonistic foe
heathens of independent thought revoked
daring to question the gods of sovereign truth
they always hate in the name of the god of love

bound together by fetters of flesh and bone
the spite foments the clans dilatory demise
bitter blood thickens the caustic brew
we hate for the sake of utter continuity
we sever the arteries of humanity
thus suicide in the name of longevity

looming mystery is all that prevails
the generations pass from soil to soil
history ever widens her mortified tale
forever veiled the contentious chalice pales
beyond the grasp of reason and pondering
shrouded in the depths of eden's grave


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