Tuesday, December 12, 2006

face the fate

i search my soul
a journey low
for purity
to bestow
a sage for peace
quite rest
for burden's lease
i delve in inner
i seek composite
to linger on
with attitude
i stand before
myself in fear
of nakedness
i long for grace
to share anew
a gentle touch
a healing dew
the world she moans
in burdened song
the battles long
bitter wrongs
mankind has sung
a mournful dirge
to calm the storm
of deadly surge
the hate it seals
the fateful doom
a viper's sting
in deadly gloom
a cry for peace
on deaf ear lies
baneful noise
solemn cries
cry we must
before we die
inside our souls
justice lies
reach for truth
inside of me
fear not the wrath
never flee
poisoned man
in hatred scorns
the innate peace
each heart adorns
i pray for right
empowered sight
so all can see
a new found way
in peace abides
the human race
in love survives
i long for how
i might repress
enigma's war
on righteousness
my heart does bleed
for mankind's ill
of hatred's fateful
merciless kill
live in peace
at one with all
make no excuse
for the warring call
absolve the hate
that feeds our fear
and alienates
what is not clear
i cannot rest
apart from those
who share the vest
of human clothes
we taste the sweet
and bitter life
that is our lot
in common strife
both you and i
we and they
alike we stand
before the grave
we face the fate
we share the same
at last we pine
shorn of fame
at peace we lie
at last at rest
the hateful vows
all in jest
we share the earth
now and then
at peace and rest
soon in the end
wisdom cries
and longs to share
beauty in word
and deeds declared
her glory it shines
in dignified clay
creation's bright hope
sanctified way
together we walk
varied in path
choosing our way
in peace or in wrath
no matter the road
we share our need
we cannot pass
life we must lead
i long for peace
no wars no greed
standing as one
united and free


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