Friday, February 06, 2015

this my friend is depression

what it is
or what it’s not
either way
the communication
rots… on the vine

everyone knows
it’s a universal
we all share
neatly… bound in twine

i had a bad day
oh, i just need some wine
this damned depression
i’ll be fine
come… morning time

the morning dawns
wine’s memory lingers
a cup of joe
gets me on my way
a new day… depression free

there is a side
the mold is cracked
the unexplainable
pain… takes up residence

no wine, nor beer
nor bleeding, pleading spouse
can fill the mold with
normalcy… only more
self loathing… and grief

this my friend is depression
sinking into your own
lost in sorrow
about… what you don’t know

eternal unrelenting despair
sadness beyond repair
pain and suffering
you cannot explain
death… the only resolve

overwhelmed by
sorrow and remorse
you seek the loved one’s help
the doctors soothing tones
leaving you with loneliness

you look at those
around your day
you hear their complaints
and difficulties
and long… for their lives

you sleep that sweet
drug induced slumber
for the morning’s reprieve
only to be greeted with torment

yes, some of us get sad
and frustrated
some of us… depressed
and long for an end
to it all

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