Thursday, May 24, 2007

by cursed fate

for Sam... b: 3/29/50 d: 5/23/07

by cursed fate i stand in awe anew
to view again death's shadow falling true.
an open chasm cries for mortal flesh,
like weeping babes baying for the breast.

the gaping earth, she yearns for fleshly krill
unsatisfied she cries wanting more, still;
longing for bones, she widens more her girth,
never enough, her hunger for more is birthed.

O cursed are thee, foul death, who never wanes
but lives to wrack our lives in mortal pain.
cursed are we who watch in fearful shame
as you, foul death, our loved ones live to claim.

who, cursed grave of earth, are you to feast
upon the mortal fruit of man and beast,
to dine upon the souls as common fare
and macerate the loneliness without care?

why? ask we, in a deep and mournful drone.
why we are left at all, empty, alone?
what shall we do and how shall we go on,
and why shall we not die before the dawn?

i stand and stare into your vile and gaping wound
cursing your thirst for melancholy boon.
never filled your invitation calls clear
to lie in fallow earth, for all men is near.


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