Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the divide

ambition is an ambulatory condition
flowing in and through the veins
renewing anew the waning sinews
pulsing in and to the brain
resurrection of the fallowed erection
caressing and feeding the flames

dereliction is a salutary predilection
ignorance of and for the strain
wasting away in incessant debasing
societal silent refrain
transformation of freedom's foundation
blind eyes turned from the pain

derivation is an ego-centric manifestation
rewards for self to attain
cavorting for me and others aborting
successfully measured remains
pillaged raping of the common good's failing
opportunity on bludgeoned stains

capitalism is the democratic schism
the great divide is plain
wealth gained on striped backs obtained
gross division of prosperity sustains
freedom redefined as the aristocracy arrived
the peoples' liberty in chains


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