Tuesday, May 22, 2007


you throw your weight around
like a mortar blast
demanding attention
like a plague

you bark and drool 'cross town
like a rabid pest
snarling ambition
like a threat

you priss and preen in vain
a showgirl's debut
flaunting attention

you spew your vile poison
like a riled viper
permanent condition
like a death

you chastise your allies
like a venus stare
stonewalling rendition
like a rock

you patronize your foes
like a bitch's lair
inviting suspicion
like a thief

you demoralize all
like satan's fall
demonic habitation
like a flame

you live your life in fear
like a trembling child
egotistical cage
like a mouse

you never think of them
like they who give t'you
self-abasing few
like a bruise

your day will come and soon
like falling statues
debasing barrage
aimed at you


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