Tuesday, December 11, 2007

bottled death

you follow in the shadows
lurking, watching, stalking

you whisper in the dark
calling, attracting, luring,

you weave a lurid tale
acting, exaggerating, lying

you draw me away
painting, portraying, promising

you massage my inhibitions
touching, soothing, stroking

you promise rabid joy
cavorting, frolicking, carousing

you deliver reckless fools
slurring, staggering, humiliating

you steal my sensibility
robbing, pillaging, raping

you rock my judgement to sleep
flirting, caressing, seducing

you extricate my dignity
releasing, forgetting, embarrassing

you inebriate my soul
wandering, abandoning, convicting

you leave me with my guilt
regretting, weeping, repenting

you take away my hope
depressing, maligning, destroying

you are bottled death
sickening, debilitating, killing


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