Wednesday, December 05, 2007

judgement's curse

judge not the choices another man makes
misguided movements of another's soul
don't stand apart from humanity's stake
in living life by freedoms grandest toll

look up above and find your guidance fair
to he or what in faith alone will trust
and know that you and you alone are where
the faithful leap of choice is ever just

i cannot judge my neighbors way of life
as failing to meet some most sacred creed
only in death do we share common strife
the freedom to see our mistakes impede

leave well enough alone is what i say
to all who stand in most bitter vile rage
no god gave you the sacred right of way
to judge the acts on another man's stage

be free and fight for all that freedom brings
to live your shortest life in peaceful bliss
without the burden of the warring stings
of judgement's curse and evil's cold redress


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